Mozambique Establishes Regulatory Framework for Off Grid Access.

Yesterday, Mozambique joined it’s neighboring countries by putting in place the Regulation for Off-Grid Energy Access – a regulatory framework that will provide greater clarity to all actors in the off-grid energy sector.

The Government of Mozambique approved yesterday, in the Council of Ministers, by Decree, the Regulation for Off-Grid Energy Access. This regulation results from a Government effort recognizing the importance of the sector to catalyze rural socio-economic development, leveraging private sector investment and improving the conditions of millions of people.

The regulatory framework will provide greater clarity to all actors in the off-grid energy sector. It will also ensure the necessary conditions for the private sector to develop its activities and protect its investments in a diverse set of technologies applicable to the off-grid context, such as solar home systems, mini-grids and improved cooking solutions.

This regulation is the result of the visionary and committed work of the Government of Mozambique, with special reference to all the institutions involved, namely the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE) and the National Energy Fund (FUNAE).

The BRILHO Programme, funded by the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and implemented by SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, expresses its gratitude for the trust placed through this partnership by the Government of Mozambique. BRILHO is grateful for having been an integral part of the process to develop this new Regulation, from its initial conception to operationalization.

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