Halliburton launches iStar Intelligent Drilling and Logging Platform.

Halliburton Company released the iStar Intelligent Drilling and Logging Platform, a comprehensive measurement platform comprising multiple services for greater control of drilling and logging operations. The platform’s digital architecture supports automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for reservoir evaluation, faster drilling, and consistent well delivery.

The iStar platform acquires high-definition measurements closer to the bit and deeper into the formation for enhanced subsurface insight. It provides unprecedented real-time visibility of the type and quantity of reservoir fluids and uses data science techniques to optimize reserves calculations and improve well placement.

The technology helps maximize the rate of penetration through integrated drilling dynamics and continuous well positioning measurements. Halliburton designed the platform with more sensors and fewer collars, significantly reducing the bottom-hole assembly length and decreasing the number of connections to improve reliability.

“Halliburton listened to our customers and responded to their challenges by developing the iStar platform, our most advanced drilling and logging measurement technology,” said Rami Yassine, vice president of Sperry Drilling. “The iStar platform is a step-change in delivering downhole measurements with greater speed, accuracy, and predictability.”

Operators have run iStar services in several locations across the Middle East, Europe, and North America. An operator in the North Sea successfully deployed the iStar triple combo services in an appraisal well to identify the best pressure points in clean sand packages, which enhanced their reservoir understanding for future field development campaigns.

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