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Ethiopia starts power generation from second turbine at mega-dam

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed kickstarted electricity production from the second turbine at its controversial mega-dam on the Blue Nile on Thursday, despite continuing objections by Egypt and Sudan over the project. Abiy also confirmed that a third filling of the multi-billion dollar Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was under way, a development that led

Hybrid solar power plant goes into operation at the Nampala mine

The partnership between Vivo Energy and Robex Resources is leading to the construction of a hybrid solar power plant in Mali. The plant supplies clean electricity to the Nampala gold mine in the Niono circle, Segou region. The two partners have agreed to build the solar photovoltaic power plant in 2020. The plant has a

Trident Energy commissions Okume oilfield upgrade offshore Guinea

International oil and gas company Trident Energy has announced the commissioning of extensive upgrades at the Okume Field in Equatorial Guinea. Aimed at unlocking the geological capacity of the complex – a conventional oil development located in deep water in Equatorial Guinea comprising five producing oilfields, namely, Okume, Elon, Oveng, Akom North, and Ebano –

How financial inclusion can help achieve Sustainable Development Goals in Africa: An Outlook at MSMEs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) unequivocally address some of the world’s most pressing challenges – from eliminating poverty, creating jobs, and deepening economic growth, to improving gender equality – for the purpose of creating a better and more sustainable future. With the advancement of digital payments and services today, it is important to consider the

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