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MIGA Partners with GreenYellow to Support Solar Energy in Burkina Faso

With one of the lowest electrification rates in the Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) region (20%, as compared with 48% for SSA overall) and a high level of unmet demand, Burkina Faso is striving to address its energy access challenges and enhance its energy security. The country has abundant sunshine, making solar photovoltaic (PV) a competitive domestic

AfDB Approves $57,67M Loan to Eskom for Renewable Energy Generation

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd, South Africa’s public electricity utility—and Africa’s largest—  will receive a loan of $57,67 million to harness battery storage technology that will increase electricity generation from reliable and efficient renewable energy sources. The bank’s financing, a concessional loan, will come from the Clean Technology Fund, a multi-donor trust fund under the Climate

Eskom to Collaborate with Coal Suppliers on Renewable Energy Projects

South African state-owned power utility, Eskom, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its two largest coal suppliers, Exxaro and Seriti Resources, for the development of renewable energy projects at its mining operations. With Exxaro and Seriti Resources collectively contributing over 80% of Eskom’s coal supply, the agreement is aimed at reducing the power utility’s carbon footprint

Why Nuclear Power for African Countries Does Not Make Sense

By Hartmut Winkler POWER FEATURE Over the last few years reports have surfaced of a range of African countries planning nuclear power plants. At the moment, the only nuclear plant in operation in Africa is South Africa’s Koeberg, producing 1.86GW of power. This, according to some African leaders, is about to change. Ugandan President Yoweri