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Using African Gas For Africa First

by NJ Ayuk JD/MBA A private sector initiative called LNG2Africa is addressing one of the continent’s biggest lost opportunities, turning LNG into an African asset. 2018 is turning out to be a bold new year. We are witnessing changes to the African energy market that are both welcome and long-awaited for. We spoke before of

Ivy Manly-Spain: Imprints Of An Energy Amazon

Ivy Manly-Spain has defied the odds and risen above the patriarchal systems to build one of the most successful oil and gas companies in Africa. As the CEO of Hill Oil, Ms. Manly-Spain has led the company towards occupying a strategic spot as Ghana’s number one Oil Marketing Company. She speaks to Africa Energy &

Senyo Hosi: A Voice For Ghana Industry Players

The Ghana chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors, CBOD, has become a major contributor to the growth of the country’s oil and gas industry. The agency which serves as the advocacy, lobby and representative body of the industry is no doubt set to promote the interest of the industry in Ghana. In this exclusive Interview with