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U.S Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken Plans visit to Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

The United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken will visit Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal from November 15-20, underscoring the depth and breadth of the US relationships with her African partners. During the visit, the Secretary will advance US-Africa collaboration on shared global priorities, including ending the COVID-19 pandemic and building back to a more inclusive

Fossil Fuel Industry Delegates, Tops COP26.

Campaigners led by Global Witness assessed the participant list published by the UN at the start of this meeting. They found that 503 people with links to fossil fuel interests had been accredited for the climate summit. These delegates are said to lobby for oil and gas industries, and campaigners say they should be banned. “The

Shell Unveils New Energy Business Line in Nigeria

A global energy company, Shell, says it has established a new business line in Nigeria to expand natural gas marketing and sales to meet the rapidly growing energy needs of wholesale customers and provide more and cleaner energy solutions in the country. It said the new business line, Shell Energy Nigeria, would build on the

OPEC Delivered Barely Half Oil Production Increase it had Planned for October as Nigeria and Angola Continued to Struggle with Output Losses.

OPEC is reviving supplies halted during the pandemic, but added only 140,000 barrels a day last month because of the difficulties faced by both countries, according to a Bloomberg survey based on ship tracking data. The under-performance may increase the impatience expressed by the United States President, Joe Biden and other world leaders, who have

US Energy Secretary Blames OPEC ‘cartel’ for High Petrol Prices

Costs at the pump have risen 40 per cent since Biden came to power, fuelling inflation anxiety The Biden administration’s senior energy official on Sunday blamed the Opec oil “cartel” for soaring petrol prices in the US, putting more pressure on the group to increase crude output ahead of a meeting later this week. “Gas