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Infrastructure Resources LLC partners Africa Energy & Infrastructure Magazine to Support the Utilities Industry.

Underground Utility Solutions Company, Infrastructure Resources, LLC in Minnesota, U.S.A, has signed a media trade partnership agreement with Africa Energy and Infrastructure Publication, to reiterate their support for the damage prevention Industry. Editor of Africa Energy & Infrastructure Publication, Wofai Samuel, stated that “Infrastructure development is a key driver for progress across the African continent

Global shipping line Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is set to acquire Bolloré Africa logistics (BRVM:SDSC) business unit for $6.4 billion.

“Bolloré Group has granted the MSC Group exclusivity until March 31, 2022 to enable MSC, further to an additional due diligence phase and contractual negotiations, to submit a put option,” MSC Group, a Swiss-Italian container shipping line said. A put option contract gives the owner the right, but not the obligation, to sell a certain

UK-Africa Investment Conference Furthers Hope For Green Industrial Revolution.

Boris Johnson kicked off the 2022 Africa Investment Conference on Thursday, promising that British business would help Africa to prosper from the green industrial revolution. The UK Prime Minister said humanity can aid its rescue from catastrophic climate change, if Africa partners with the UK in its ‘Clean Green Initiative,’ announced during last November’s COP26

Africa – China – US: How Cobalt Has Become New Crude Oil

On the 24 November 2021, a group of G7 countries, including Japan and the US, announced the decision to release crude oil inventories from their Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). For the US Government, the SPR was an underground salt tank that had to be built in Utah as a recession and warproof facility in response

Savannah Energy Signs Share Purchase Agreement with Exxon Mobil Corporation, ExxonMobil International Holdings and Esso Exploration Holdings.

According to Savannah Energy’s CEO, there is a strong potential to significantly increase upstream production and midstream throughput volumes from current levels. (Image source: Adobe Stock) This follows Savannah’s initial announcement on 2 June 2021 regarding the proposed transaction with Exxon, and Savannah’s earlier announcements regarding the Exxon Acquisition and the PETRONAS Acquisition. Completion of both the Exxon acquisition and the PETRONAS